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 Rules for the site

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Rules for the site Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the site   Rules for the site EmptyWed Jul 14, 2010 3:26 pm

The Rules Of Everlasting

Basic Idea Of Everlasting
Everlasting is just a fantasy Roleplay Forum that is basically used for fun, The main object of to doing this is by treating everyone fairly. Thats why rules are implaced to help everyone have a little more fun.

Respect is a key issue on any type of roleplay site. If no-one has respect for each other then no-one can get along and have a decent time roleplaying, So the first rule of everlasting is to respect everyone and treat everyone like how you would like to be treated. This means no harsh comments and if you have a personal matter with someone do not bring it on the roleplay site, as it can make other members uncomfortable.

The chatbox is The place where if your roleplaying or waiting for someone to post back you can chill out and go there. There are a few rules when it comes to the chatbox, A lot of fights and arguements happen, but the chatbox where everyone can see it isn't the place. Take it too PMS, the chatbox is suppose to be a relaxing place where people can just chill out and talk to fellow roleplayers while the wait for posts. Also the chatbox is not called a roleplay Forum. So do not roleplay in a chatbox. Its called a chatbox for a reason.


Like any other member they have to follow the rules. But this does not mean you can boss about the Admins/Moderators, They are there in place to look after the site and make sure everyone has a good experience, but this doesn't mean they can boss other members about. Although if a member is not following the rules the Admins/ Mods, can say something to them just to make sure they follow the rules. Also If a Admin/Mod gives you a warning, you better change your attitude and do what they say, if you get three warning its a ban for 48 hours. Come back and get another three warnings It will be a permanent ban from the site.

Creation of Characters
When you first join the site people usually ask what they have to do before they join in on a roleplay. First you have to look to the rules. then you have to see basica template guidlines, You copy and paste the template into a new topic and fill it all in. You can not have "GOD" or you can not have people along the lines. Althought this is Roleplay site, bringing religion into the roleplay could stir unwanted trouble.

GodModding is a little like Overpowering and im sure not everyone knows what that is, its basically in roleplay, if you deny getting hit more than four times in one page, you are godmodding, or if your character is roleplaying with another and then you say something like; *kills you with my finger because i can* thats something we cant have because we need to keep everything fair.

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Rules for the site
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