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 Sisters for the first time

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Sisters for the first time Empty
PostSubject: Sisters for the first time   Sisters for the first time EmptyFri Mar 18, 2011 10:12 am

Matori stood up against a tree she was waiting she knew rebekah was coming in this part cause she could tell there was trouble with spike and demmi and wanted to help. Matori waited she thought it was the right time to tell rebekah the truth about who she was and where she came from, it was only right and she knew at first rebekah would not belive it and probably matori just trying to f@ck with her mind cause its not like she hasn't done it in the past but it had to be done.

Rebekah walked fast throught the forest passing trees and tripping on bits on branches sticking out the ground she continued to walk though going a fast as she could basically through the fog and moldy wet grass. She continued storming throught thr trees when suddenly she banged into a persona dn fell over. "what the f@ck......matori? what do you want f@ck off im not in the mood"

Matori sighed she knew that rebekah hated her and matori didn't like rebekah either but it had to be done, She wasn't to happy to say but she knew it was for the best, the best for everyone. "rebekah we need to talk?...." Matori said calmly picking rebekah off the ground and back on her feet.

Rebekah growled and stood back from matori. "no we dont need to talk at all" Rebekah said wiping all the dirty off herself from when she fell. She whiped her hair back over her shoulder and crossed her arms looking at matori because she wouldn't move out her way.

Matori grumbled. "no we do, listen i need to say this cause its best for everyone if i do!" Matori said gulping and leaning up against a tree and looking at rebekah.

Rebekah leaned against the other tree and looked matori up and down she wasn't letting her guard down and she would never relax around matori, it was something about her gave her chills and not the good kind either.

Matori sighed and facepalmed. "just relax ok? im not going to attack you....." Matori said relaxing against the tree again. " look weren't were made....same as me, made in the underworld, by a hellbeast our father or creator....which makes you sister.... i know this will be a shock but some reason our father let you out of the underworld and let you go here, and you have no idea what happened."

Rebekah looked at matori as if she was crazy and looked down and laughed. "nice one.....well have fun with that, I dont know what game your playing but its not kewl. You are not my sister....if you were you would of helped me when oni hurts me?!" Rebekah gulped and shouted at her.

Matori shouted back "i never said i liked you! i just said you were my sister!"

Rebekah turned away, "what if i said....i belived you?" Rebekah asked she knew something was weird when she looked at matori like as if she was looking in a mirror and when she touched demmi she felt a slight closeness as if they had known each other for years.

Matori looked at her, "well if you do belive me then good, cause its the truth and i cant change it. It happened and we got out. Also you had a few other siblings i killed them and then you've got a brother...."

Rebekahs jaw dropped she was surprised how matori didn't seem bothered by killing her own sisters and brothers and letting her know that she had another brother. "what? wait.......another brother?"

Matori nodded, "yes but i dont know who he is, he was unknown and father never gave him a name and he wasn't around when i killed the rest so he got out too, soo he's loose around everlating too"

Rebekah gulped and nodded. "ok .....but i still hate you matori....." Rebekah said running off forgetting about spike and demmi and ran back the way she came.

Matori smirked and looked at her run away "the feeling mutal haha...."

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Sisters for the first time
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