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 After the hotel

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PostSubject: After the hotel   After the hotel EmptySat Mar 19, 2011 8:17 pm


Demmi woke up rubbing her eyes her bunny still was in the other room to where oni had put her first. Demmi sat up slowly and remembered that this wasn't where oni had put her and remembered about how last night she sneaked into his room and fell asleep next to him.
She felt kind of low because oni hadn't stuck around not even to say goodbye.

She shuffled off to the end of the bed and sat with her legs hanging as she stretched and yawned. She jumped down and stood for a moment and rubbed her eyes again trying to wake herself up. She looked to the side of the bed and saw the two dead bodies and they were starting to smell now she sniffed and ewwed and walked towards the door of the room. Reaching for the handle she thought for a moment. Maybe her daddy didn't leave maybe he was in the bathroom. She pushed open the bathroom door to find nothing and sighed. She looked at the bodies one last time and walked back to the main door.

Opening the main door to the room she walked out she walked in the hall for a moment stopping at her room door to turn and see a man he must of been a cleaner looking at her wondering why she was coming out of one room and going into the other. She gave a big smile and opened her room door and walked in. She looked about and found bunny by the bed on the floor. She ran to bunny and picked it up she smiled she always loved to see bunny again. She huggled her bunny close to her and turned round her tummy rumbling lightly she was hungry. She walked to her rooms main door again and decided it was time for her to leave the hotel.

Walking down the corridor for the elevator. She sensed people looking at her as they walked in and out of their rooms probably wondering why a young girl of only three was walking about herself. But yet they did not stop her to ask her they just watched and smiled. She stopped at the elevator as someone had already pressed the button for it. She waited patiently for the doors to open and once they did she took it to the bottom and got off. She smiled as she got out and hugged onto her bunny close. She went to walk towards the exit of the building when she got stopped by the manager. "hello little girl....Where is your daddy?.....i saw him take you in? why are you going alone?"

Demmi smiled and thought for a moment and sighed. "he died...."
The manager looked shocked and stood still in shock as Demmi walked right past him and out the main exit for the hotel. She stood in the path for a little while thinking on which way to go and smiled as she had made her decision she didn't remember fully the way but she was heading to the beach, after all it was a great day for the beach.

Demmi walked along the road with bunny in her arms scared as she walked past all the people in the street it was really busy and everyone kept bumping into each other and demmi kept getting lost, She turned down a street and could see the water from where she stood she smiled and got all happy and basically skipped all the way down the road to the beach, The nice sandy beach she thought as she continued to skip there. Holding bunny by the arm bunny went swaying forward and back fast.

Demmi reached the beach and ran onto the sand and sat down on it taking her shoes and socks off and making sure her skirt was ok. She pull her toes in the sand making her toes all warm and tickly. She put bunny down next to her and played about on the sand making pictures with her finger in the sand. and smiled. The beach wasn't that busy not as busy as normal there were about two other people on the beach which made her think. She left bunny sitting in a sand chair and ran off into the water splashing her feet about and chasing the waves and jumping over them. She laughed and giggled as she played about.

After the hotel Demmi2

After the hotel Demmi

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After the hotel
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