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 What the Hell? [Open]

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What the Hell? [Open] Empty
PostSubject: What the Hell? [Open]   What the Hell? [Open] EmptySun Mar 20, 2011 6:38 pm

Kazu walked along the pathway of the streets, not too far from his hideout. He managed to fix his jacket and the rest of his attire due to him restoring his powers again. His next assignment from Heaven was to protect the people of the district in the city, which was a load of bull if they forbid him to go back there, why are they giving him assignments? It was very confusing to him altogether, he was going to see what he was gonna protect he was given directions to place which he doesn't know about not one bit.

As he walked he looked ahead thinking to himself, "It couldn't be that bad right?" as he stops he looked at the street names and such seeing he was right where he was supposed to be he looked to the right, tilt his head sideways getting a good look at it, his eyes widen then it hits him gates, double doors and 2 stories high "AAAH!!!! WH-WH-WHAT THE HELL!!!!!" he exclaimed gripping his hair tightly seeing he was to protect this area while going to school.
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What the Hell? [Open]
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