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 Spikes revival

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Spikes revival Empty
PostSubject: Spikes revival   Spikes revival EmptyMon Apr 11, 2011 3:53 pm

Spike woke up "uh..." Spike looked around, "...where, where am i" spike looked and all he could see was darkness, he looked at his body but couldn't see it,it was to dark to see anything, there was no light or anything, it was worse that pitch black, he tried to move but couldn't, he couldn't move his body, it was like he was chained up but he couldn't feel any chains or anything. "what the f@ck is up with this, let me out of here" there was no reply, then soethinf stabbed into his stomuch and sttarted twisting, it was the worst pain he had ever felt but it kept going for days, weeks, mouths and years, he was there so long that he couldn't tell how long it was, but the pain goot worse and in more places since, te pain was all over his body, it had been years and years and all he wont to do was get out and see rebekah and see if demmi was safe.

If he had enough energy he would of been able to fade into the darkness and escape but whatever this place was, it wasn't letting hi regain any energy, millions of years went past, he was still there, feeling the pain all over his body, the worst pain ever, he gave up in all hope and now he just stays there, its as if he was living the worst nightmare ever, but it was very real, more century's went past, he was still the same, the pain was more horrific, he just wishes he could die, but for some reason he couldn't.

He was missing every thing, rebekah, demmi, blood, earth, everlasting, and even the the mad voices he hears all the time, he missed them as well, but they did come back.

"we can give you power..." they said, "enough to brake free and to destroy everlasting and the whole univerce"... "no, " spike said, "i only need enough energy to get out..." "but he can make you the strongest, no one will be able to beat you, you will be unstoppible..." spike thought about it, "no, i only need enought to get out," "but dont you wont to get back at oni, and protect rebekah and your sister..." spikes mood changed, he thought it ment amaya "i will do it on my own way, and i dont know were my sister is" he said not knowing oni killed her, "you have another..." spike was like wtf

"who..." "thats for you to find out, hehehe"... spike then thought and accsepted the power and he then faded into the darkness and then found some light...

he was in a highly brit room, it was pure white and there was like a huge window, he went back to him self and fell to the ground as he has been in the same prosition in years, he was glad he was rid of the pain though, he rested for a moment and sat up and looked out the window, he could see demmi on hher nees at a door in a rect house and a girl with bunny ears on the couch, spike stood up and woddled to the window, "DEMMI, DEMMI ARE YOU OK" but she couldn't hear him, "please....daddy no leave me....", he heard her say, he then hear oni's voice shout at her not to call him that, he looked round and couldn't seeoni, the demmi got up and ran in the house, he heared oni say it was to protct her and he walked of, spike got it now, he was seeing what oni was seeing,

"well done..." spike heard and turned round and there was no one there, he looked round then some watery stuff came out the wall, it was the same colour as a humans skin, it then formed in the middle of the room and it then rose and turned into a person, but it was naked, it had no hair, eyes,ears,nose,mouth,bellybutton and no genitalia...

"what are you?" spike said then he heard laughter...

then a mouth formed and the thing smiled and it had big sharp teeth, it then laughed...

"i'm the voice..."

to be countinued
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Spikes revival
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